Spring’s Almost Here! (And So Is Midterms…)


Here's My Little Slice of Heaven

Here's My Little Slice of Heaven


So, i’ve been pretty busy since my last post. I’ll start with some of the more exciting highlights. I recently auditioned to work at Hersheypark over the summer as a guitarist in one of their performing groups. The audition went great and the production company seemed to like my playing and my entertainment factor. The funny part is that apparently they forgot to unlock the front door to the building. So, a lot of us were standing outside waiting for someone to come out so that we could get in. It took a while but we finally got in. I’ll find out the results pretty soon. Probably within a week. We’ll see how it goes. Something scary happened last week too. I was cutting something open and I was using a steak knife (i should’ve been using scissors but i didn’t have any). It cut open the plastic band, but it also kept going and cut my finger pretty deeply. So I proceeded to run to the convenience store for tape and gauze bandages, trying to keep my finger from bleeding on the floor on the way. To make a long story short, I’m fine (because it was a straight edge knife and a clean cut, so it healed fast). I was playing guitar three days after the accident. But I’ve definitely learned my lesson! Also most recently I joined a gym. I figure it’ll help me get in shape and help me keep a positive attitude. Me and a bunch of my friends work out together about 4-5 days a week. Its fun! The gym’s right next to Berklee so its pretty convenient. 

I also have been called to be the FHEGL for the Boston FHE group. btw FHEGL stands for (Family Home Evening Group Leader) I’m basically the “dad” of our FHE group. Its a pretty fun calling! School’s been keeping me really busy. I’m taking two more credits than I took last semester, plus all of my classes are more challenging. I’m usually swamped with homework or practice or midterm projects (ugh!). Hence why this update is so late. Midterms are in two weeks. Everyone’s pretty stressed. But hey, at least we’re stressed about something we enjoy, right? Work is still a pain. But I have to try and make as much money as possible, no one told me living was so expensive! I’m gonna make a lot more money soon though because spring break is coming up! And I’m spending it working at Quiznos, practicing/trying to get ahead, and jury duty (yeah over spring break, how lame!) On a more positive note, spring is almost here! Although next week we’re supposed to get a blizzard. Weird huh? Unfortunately the good weather so far has been attracting street folk. Meaning more bums and “non-profit” groups. Green Peace is really crazy. They’re everywhere and they don’t let up! I don’t even see how me giving them money helps the environment. I’d  have done nothing personally to help the environment. I’d just make it seem like I was. Its really just feeding off of liberal guilt. I much more prefer to clean up a trail or use less resources.

So, no updates on the braces situation yet. I have an appointment next week. Hopefully I’ll have a better idea of when they’ll actually be off. I’m going to do before and after pictures so it’ll be interesting. Hopefully I look pretty good. Outside of that, not much else has changed. I’m just trying to get through school and learn as much as possible while still keeping my sanity. I’ll update again soon! Yours in Music, Josh

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New Year, New Semester!


Well, as most of you know my journey to Seattle took longer than my previous post said. Well the important part is that I got there…..eventually. The funny part is that once i got to Seattle and went back to Boston, it flooded! Well, i guess it happens right? well at least in Washington it does. So, after my fun escapades in seattle/utah I went back to Boston to work (yay, not). Well, I worked 48 hours in the week previous to school starting. It doesn’t seem like much but I had three 13 hour shifts in a row (Thursday-Saturday). During which, i had to stand the entire time, which can get very tiring after a while. And yeah, we don’t “do breaks” at the Quiznos I work at (go figure right?). Yeah, I’m pretty sure its illegal but what can you do?

Well we’re starting our second week now here at Berklee. Its a pretty full semester for me. I have nine classes, which are all pretty cool. I’m taking Harmony 3, Arranging 1, Ear Training 2, Intro to Music Business, Basic Keyboard Techniques 1, Elements of vocal technique, Private Instruction, Survey of Guitar Styles, and a Dream Theater Ensemble. Here’s a few cool things about my instructors/classes. My arranging teacher has two grammy’s and wrote many songs. Two of which are “Everlasting Love” and “This will Be”. He wrote and arranged the original versions. Many covers have been made (which he makes money for) but he specifically arranged the original versions. My Harmony 3 teacher’s father (chris kress i believe) was a very influential and revolutionary guitar player in the late 20’s and 30’s up till the 70’s. We’re studying his father in my Survey of Guitar Styles class. Weird huh? I found out my private instructor (who i had a previous ensemble with) was a minister. We got in a religious discussion where i basically gave him the first discussion. He seemed to like it.

Speaking of which, I’ve been talking to a woman who works as our building security a few hours a week (about 30 or so) about the church. I answer her questions and i teach her about our church and christianity in general. I’ve cleared up a lot of things about the bible for her. I’ve also explained to her (very in depth) about the Book of Mormon. Come to think of it, I’ve given her all of the discussions and a whole lot more doctrine of the church. Sometimes our talks can go on for two hours or so. She says that I explain things so simply and that I make the most complicated things in christianity so clear and easy/simple. I’m pretty sure its a combination of the truth and purity (and simpleness) of the gospel, somewhat my teaching skills, and the spirit. She has told me several times that she’s felt the spirit during our discussions (of course she doesn’t know what it is though). She’s said that she doesn’t feel that in other churches and religions. She’s started reading the book of mormon and i’m going to refer her to the missionaries. 

Well, I have a pretty full schedule this semester. I’m going to be keeping busy thats for sure. Well I’ll try to keep everyone updated as much as possible. Keep in touch.

Yours in Music, Josh

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Finals at Berklee and my Mystical Quest to the Far Reaches of Seattle!


Hey Hey everyone! Let me give you a little taste of my life the past 48 hours. It’s currently 7:25 am here in NYC. I’m sitting in Luaguardia (or some form of spelling like that) airport at a computer station here in my terminal.

So, lets rewind the clock back about 38 hours……. Its 5 am in Boston and I can’t sleep. Therefore, I decide to waste time playing my electric guitar acoustically in the kitchen. Well, honestly its a third of a real kitchen. Good thing we’re not in a culinary arts school! The neighbors can pretty much hear me breathe through the “walls”, more like painted plywood. After several hours of this, I start to clean up my room because I don’t want to come back to a depressing dirty room. Once about 9:15 rolls around I’ve had enough and I get my stuff together and head to the airport. I drag my suitcase about a 1/2 mile through the snow (we had a big storm the previous night) and finally make it to the subway stop. Of course the strap broke on my suitcase, cutting my hand in between my thumb and my index finger. I arrive at Logan (boston) airport at 10:30 am or so. I was about 3 1/2 hours early because I thought it would be a mad house. Unfortunetly, i came too early before the craziness began. So, i got checked in and walked through security in one fluid motion in under 15 minutes (crap!). So, I’m stuck at the airport 3 hours before my flight takes off. What I don’t realize is that the snow is all powerful and delays every flight in the northeast, which makes my plane late. They said we’d take off at 2:25 pm. Only 20 mins. after the expected time, no problem I thought. Of course the plane froze while we got on, and we couldn’t manage to get going in the snow, So, we wound up among the clouds a full two hours after our expected time for takeoff. Amazing isn’t it? We can fly several hundred miles an hour 30,000 ft. in the sky for several hours at a time, but we can’t manage to move at 5 mph in 1 foot of snow? Well, this makes everyone miss there connections on our plane. N o good, but manageable right? or so we think…. Well, JFK airport was completely at a standstill and the terminal looked like a Metallica mosh pit. After several failed attempts to talk to an agent, i decide to stand in line for customer service to get another flight. The line literally went around the entire terminal! I stood in that line for a total of 4 1/2 hours just to get a glimpse of hope that I might make it out of there within the week. Needless to say, we got to know each other pretty well in that line! So, the agent tells me that after searching every flight he’s found a ray of hope for me. I would go to Laguardia, then Washington D.C., then finally Seattle. Keep in mind the time is now midnight in NYC and that so called quick flight to JFK was only an hour in the air and about 3 hours on the ground (go figure?). I go down to baggage claim to get my suitcase so I can go to a different airport. Well after standing in that line for almost an hour the lady tells me that I can pick it up in Seattle. Apparently, they don’t let people get their luggage part way through. So my bag is on a totally different flight schedule than me. Hopefully we wind up in Seattle about the same time (if at all!) So I take a taxi to Laguardia and camp out there in the seat next to the check in terminal over night. Well, i slept for two hours and just decided to wait for the check in machine to open up at 3:30am. I get my boarding passes (whew!) and I’m on my way to wait in line for another hour to get through security. Well, after my wait, I get to the front of the line only to have them tell me that I have to take a bus across the airport to a remote terminal where they only have 3 destinations. So I eventually find the bus stop and go there. The building is tiny and looks like it hasn’t been changed since they built it back in 1970. So I camp out waiting for the security line to open (its now 5 am and the line opens up at 7 am). Which brings us to where I am now. They’ve already cancelled 3 flights going to D.C. from here. Hopefully my flight shows up on time and I can get out of this horrible place! My flight is at 2:30pm which I think is adequate time for them to get there act together. i have a 2 1/2 hour layover in D.C. which gives me some flexibility with delays here in NYC. And if all the planets align then hopefully I make that flight to Seattle! Or I get stuck in D.C. which is just as bad or maybe worse than being stuck here. And if I’m truly lucky then my luggage will be at the luggage office there too! But beggars can’t be choosers right? And if that doesn’t all work out (which i’m guaranteed it won’t) then I’ll be booking my flight arrangements again for the 3rd time. ugh! Well, wish me luck, I still have 6 hours to burn until the moment of truth here in Laguardia.

So finals at Berklee were pretty easy. I got a 100% on my ear training final, which was melodic, rhythmic, intervallic, and harmonic (chords) dictation. As well as a singing portion which was rhythm, melody, and chordal harmonic techniques. My arranging final was an insult to my musical knowledge (the whole first class of arranging is a joke to everyone in Berklee, but its a necessary evil i suppose). I did learn stuff in that class, i just could’ve learned it in 3 weeks, not 14. Harmony was easy too, but that was because our teacher taught us all of that and even a lot of Harmony III material, so we were already ahead. My proficiency went pretty well. Thats basically just for them to test your projected musical ability on your instrument. My final projects all went well too. I had to write a song in my arranging class that was based off of the pentatonic scale (easy). I wrote a Jazz tune for my Harmony II class that had several requirements for us to demonstrate our knowledge of the material. And I wrote and recorded (recording/sequencing it is the actual test) a metal tune for that class. So now its on to the next semester for me with Berklee. Oh yeah, i almost forgot. I got an audition to work for Hersheypark over the summer as a guitar player. I got it through an e-mail notification through the Career Development Center here at Berklee. So we’ll see how that pans out. Well, I’m gonna go eat some breakfast and cry for 6 hours (and maybe more depending on what happens) until my flight supposedly shows up. I’ll keep you posted! Yours in Music, Josh

p.s. oh yeah, and my cell phone’s almost dead. thats the last time i check my charger with my suitcase!

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Thanksgiving and the End of the Semester!


Happy Holidays from Boston!

Happy Holidays from Boston!


Sorry I haven’t updated in a while (I’ve been busy). A lots been happening around here lately. First off today is Thanksgiving and yes I stayed in Boston for the break. I spent most of the day at a ward member’s house with a bunch of other students that were staying here too. It was nice eating actual food instead of my bologna diet. I found out the other day that I live on the same diet that they serve in Jail. The difference is that I choose it (lol). And yes Mom, I’m trying to eat the right vitamins and nutrients as much as I can. Ugh, all of my classes are starting to assign the final projects, which arn’t all that bad by themselves, but it’s pretty daunting all together! on top of that, we also have our final exams which will be difficult for some classes and easier for others. Lately practicing has been a bit of a challenge. My neighbor does not like to hear me practice and thats somewhat challenging considering the walls in my apartment are pretty much paper thin. I’m working it out with him right now so that we’re both happy. I recently registered for my classes for next semester. I’m taking 9 classes next semester! I’m taking Elements of Vocal Technique. Which is basically a lab for non-voice principals to teach them how to sing. Similar to that, I’m also taking Basic Keyboard Techniques, Private instruction (for guitar), Intro to the Music Business (i’m very excited for this class), Harmony III, Arranging 1, Ear Training 2, Survey of Guitar Styles (required for performance majors), and an ensemble based on the music of Dream Theater. John Petrucci is a beast at guitar so i’ll have to practice a ton in order to survive that ensemble! At least its Progressive Metal/Shred so I’ll hopefully be able to keep up. As you can see I’ll be pretty busy next semester. Luckily we have a three month break so that I can rest. Although I’m considering taking a few classes over the summer….I don’t know we’ll see. 

The weather here in Boston has been crazy! One day its 20 degrees outside and the next its 50 degrees and pouring rain. I’m not sure when its going to snow but I’m pretty sure that It’ll be a lot! I feel bad for the international students. We have some from Australia, Africa, and I know one person from the Carribean Islands that has never even seen snow. They’re trying to adjust to the cold as much as possible. It’ll be pretty entertaining to see the kids trying to walk around with upright basses. They’re already having trouble. I guess when the snow comes they’ll wish they took up mandolin right? Finals are fast approaching with December around the corner. I actually have my first final next week! Its for my ensemble. I think we are recording it so i’ll post that up as well.  I also have a final for my lab the week after that. Its going to be pretty insane around here! Well, I’m going to go work on my Harmony final project. Happy Thanksgiving everyone and happy holidays for the winter season!

Yours in Music, Josh

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Midterms and the Election

Barack Obama the 44th President of the United States of America

Barack Obama the 44th President of the United States of America

A lot has happened since my last blog entry. Sorry about the lateness of this entry. Well, midterm week was crazy. It was full of late nights spent studying and practicing. My Music Technology midterm was online. It was on computers, MIDI, garageband, and Reason (from propellerhead). I got an A on that test (sweet!). My next midterm was for ear training. We had harmonic, rhythmic, and melodic dictation. The sucky part about melodic dictation is that its both melodic and rythmic dictation, because part of the melody is its rhythm. I felt like i did pretty well on it. I then had the midterm for my Guitar Performance Skills Lab. We had to play this Bach invention, voice lead several I IV V progressions in all inversions up and across the fretboard, comp to this jazz standard “Have You Met Miss Jones?” and play the solo to it. I did pretty well on that, she didn’t give us our grades though. I didn’t have any midterms on Tuesday (yay!). Wednesday I had the vocal portion of my eartraining midterm. I had to sight sing a random rhythm, melody, and a sight reading portion for a song. For people that don’t know, melody is all solfedge (do, re, me, fa, sol, la, ti, do). The teacher plays “DO” once on the piano and we sing the rest by our own. Its challenging for a lot of people. I have perfect pitch so I got a perfect score on the whole vocal portion. Today I found out I got a perfect score on the dictation part, which gives me a 100% on the whole midterm!!! My arranging midterm was easy. It was just notation correcting and drum/bass part arranging. My harmony teacher postponed our midterm till today, I did very well according to the teacher. The whole test was secondary dominants, related II-7 and interpolated II-7, and extended dominants. It was somewhat easy because there wasn’t much on the test.

So the election was pretty exciting. We made history by electing our first african-american president. Mass, easily went democrat. I thought that it was interesting that he crushed the republican candidate John Mccain. I think it was like 364 electoral votes to 149 or something like that. He even got the popular vote. Plus the senate and house of reps is both mostly democrat (not by much but still). The next few years will be very interesting. I fell asleep election night. I woke up to very loud cheers outside my building. I went outside to find that people had started a riot (pro obama) outside. There were several of these throughout Boston. One guy was streaking. There were a ton of cops everywhere keeping the peace. Several of the mini riots assembled in Copely square and a few others assembled around fenway park. At some point the cops had enough. Several people got arrested and they turned the tear gas on a few people and told everyone to go home. There were a bunch of news helocopters in the air watching the hysteria below. It was a pretty insane night in Boston.

So I’m back to the grind at school. Its all downhill from here until finals week. Also, check out whats happening at Berklee in April!!!:

John McLaughlin and Chick Corea created the most explosive live bands melding rock with jazz and two of the most popular instrumental groups of all time: Return to Forever and the Mahavishnu Orchestra. This will be the first time Corea and McLaughlin join forces since they were both members of Miles Davis’s Bitches Brew-era band over 40 years ago. Playing music from then and now with Kenny Garrett, Christian McBride, and Vinnie Colaiuta, their new Five Peace Band is poised to elevate new audiences with another series of legendary concerts.
Its a dream team concert!!!! I’m pretty excited for that! Well, I’ll keep in touch and keep you all updated as things progress.
Yours in Music, Josh
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Midterms are A’comin’!

I pass this everyday (its very nice and intimate)

I pass this everyday (its very nice and intimate)

Everyone at Berklee is pretty busy now. Midterms are next week, the cold is setting in, and the partiers are realizing that they won’t pass if they keep showing up hungover. Trust me I know, theres a guy in my ear training class that always comes in late and hungover/high. Today was the first day he came in sensible and sober. The craziness is getting to me a little bit, so my parents are helping me and letting me cut my hours at work in half. Speaking of work, something very exciting happened last week at Quiznos. Min (my boss, yes he’s korean) has been reading a lot about hold ups and robberies in the area where our Quiznos is located. Well apparantely someone tried to rob us with a gun last week! It was a day when I wasn’t working so this is just what I heard from everyone else. Apparently he was wearing an army jacket and his face was covered in a ski mask. Like an idiot he ordered a sub to try to seem normal. Well, when he got up to the register he poked his gun through his jacket towards Martha who was running the register. He’s not very good because she couldn’t see the gun (she thought he was just putting his hands in his pockets). He whispered to Martha that she had thirty seconds to open the register, or something like that. Well, unfortunetly what he didn’t know was that Martha doesn’t understand English very well so she couldn’t figure out what he was saying. After several attempts for her to figure it out, she just walked away to let someone else help him. Several customers came in, which scared him, so he wound up just running out of the store. Martha told Min what he was saying and doing and thats how we figured out he was trying to rob us. Maybe he should have stayed in spanish class in high school instead of robbing fast food restaurants!

The leaves are starting to change here in Boston and the cold is really setting in. Its usually around 40 degrees without the wind. We’ll probably see snow before or in early November. Ironically, even though most students are within walking distance, Berklee closes school when the buses don’t run. I guess it might be for the teachers safety. Today was a very sad day in Boston. Last night the Red Sox lost the seventh and final game in the ALCS (American League Championship Series). They were two homeruns away from being in the World Series. Well, I guess we still have the hockey season to look forward too. Go Bruins! Or basketball if you’re into watching that sport. Well, I’m going to go study and practice. More to come later on my midterm blog entry.

Yours in music, Josh

p.s. you can see many segments and a few songs of the John Mayer clinic on Youtube.com Just search “John Mayer Berklee” He gives some great advice! Plus he plays an unfinished (meaning he wants to revise it a little) song he’s writing. Its called taking on water or something. Check it out!

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John Mayer Clinic

John Mayer

John Mayer

A lot of exciting things have been happening here at Berklee. The most exciting of course is that John Mayer came and did a free clinic here at Berklee. I found out about it during my ear training class. Apparently the tickects went on sale earlier that day. We could see the line from outside our classroom (which is on the other side of the building that the box office is on). Some people had been waiting since six o’clock in the morning. Me and some friends went to the box office after class (noonish) half expecting it to be sold out. Luckily it wasn’t. The funniest part is that there wasn’t a line and it was general addmission. So, I got the same ticket at noon without waiting that the person waiting at Six am got! John walked around the campus for a few days before the clinic. A lot of people saw him but I wasn’t lucky enough to catch him. From what I heard, he was sleeping in the Berklee dorms for the week. I also learned that he was going to be at Berklee for the whole week. He taught a few classes for songwriting and he was in and out of a few ensembles.

So the day for the clinic came and I couldn’t get in line until after my ear training class ended (noon). It started at 1 pm so I figured that I’d be able to get a good seat. Much to my suprise, the line almost wrapped around the biggest building at Berklee! It was in the performance hall which seats 1500 people. And they were all standing in line. I talked to the people at the front of the line and found out that they had been waiting in line since 11pm the night before. I got a somewhat good seat on the balcony. The clinic lasted for 3 hours, but it only seemed like one. John Mayer talked about songwriting and gave some great advice about how to write songs. He played us a few songs as well, they were all of his album “Continum” or something like that. They were all great songs and he sounds just like the record live. He changed his look too. He cut all of his hair off and he’s growing a little bit of a moustache now. It looks good except for the moustache. He gave a few tips on soloing in general with emphasis on economy and the dynamic roof. He said to avoid the dynamic roof (the loudest and most impactful notes) until the end of the solo or the song that you’re writing, because anything after that is a let down. After you hit the dynamic roof, the only way to go is down. Apparently he went to Berklee for one year the fall of ’98 and the spring of ’99. He spent the final answering audience questions. The whole experience was fantastic! I actually missed my Harmony class to go but it was worth it. On the way out, I noticed that Joe Satriani was doing a clinic/meet and greet at the local music store, unfortunetly all the tickets were sold out before I could get one.

Classes are really starting to settle in. The work load is getting heavier and harder. I’m keeping up as much as possible. I’ m also starting to change my sleep habits. My sleeping patterns are now starting to reflect my time zone which is always postiive. Well, I best be getting to bed. More to come soon!

Yours in music, Josh

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Starting to get the Swing of Things

Everything is going pretty great so far! I’ve learned a lot already at Berklee. I’ve learned more applicable music theory in one month than I did in a whole year at community college. I’m trying to keep up with my classes. Its not that they are hard, they just take a lot of work and/or practicing. I’m starting to have a problem with practicing. Everytime I pick up the guitar to practice, I always wind up writing a riff or a song, its really annoying! I’m trying to discipline myself though. It seems like the hardest thing to do at Berklee is to keep focused. There’s so many distractions and other things to do, which makes it pretty easy to procrastinate. I’m trying to keep myself as disciplined as possible though. I have to work twice as hard as everyone else because I have half the time that everyone else has to practice and study. It seems as though I’m the only one at Berklee with a job. Which means that I have 22 hours less every week than everyone else to devote to practicing and studying. Its easy to play guitar and jam, its really hard to practice. There’s a distinct difference between practicing and playing. Everyone hates practiticing, its difficult and tedious. But unfortunetly its the only way to get better.

Guitar Rig 3 (a computer program that mimics amplifiers and guitar effects) is working very well. I’ve used it for practice and a few jam sessions. It sounds great but, I really miss my Mesa Boogie! Nothing quite sounds like a tube amp. There are a few Fender Tube amps at Berklee but most are solid state (digital). I kinda have a problem with fender because I personally believe that they havn’t put out a quality fender product since 1969. Their build quality just isn’t the same. but beggars can’t be choosers so I’ll make the best with what I’ve got. My ensembles are going well. We only use lead sheets at Berklee, no sheet music. A lead sheet is usually one (maybe two) pages long. It has the chords and one line of melody in it. It only contains the song not the arrangement. There is a difference. The song is the melody and hook. The arrangement is the intro, solos, ending, everything else. Lead sheets allow us to interpret the arrangement however we want to. We use the same basic melody but we can change the arrangement as we please.

Tom Brady came into the Whole Foods down my street yesterday. He comes in every week. He’s limping from his injury. Well, hopefully he rests up so he can come back twice as strong next season! btw Dad, speaking of the amps at Berklee, They can’t get a good overdrive tone. Maybe I could get my overdrive pedal from you over the holiday. Its the cream pedal on my board at home. Maybe I’ll take the custom 22 or the les paul with me back to boston too =)

Everything is going pretty well here in Boston. I just wish i didn’t have to sleep so that I could have more time to do everything I want to get done in the day. Sorry for the long wait for this entry, I”ll try to keep my posts weekly. If you have questions or anything, I do read the comments so you can ask me there. Peace!

Yours in music, Josh

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New Design and New Job

What does the future hold for me at Berklee?

What does the future hold for me at Berklee?

Sorry its been so long since my last post, i’ve been busy. I hope you like the new design, I thought it made me look more scholarly, maybe it’ll make me sound more intelligent (lol). Really quick side note, many people (the older generations) know “lol” to stand for lots of love. Well, in our new generation of texing and abbreviation, “lol” stands for “lots of laughs”. Another example is “Rofl” which stands for “rolling on floor laughing”. “ttyl” for example stands for “talk to you later”. There’s an english (or not so english) lesson for you. Hope it helped some of you!

Well, first off I got a new job at the Quiznos Subs Symphony store. Its called the symphony store because its right around the corner (literally) from the Boston symphony hall. Last night was opening night of the symphony and last week John Mayer ( a Berklee Alum I might add) played. I worked at a Quiznos in Washington for twenty months so I know the job really well. It wasn’t my first choice for jobs. In fact, it was my last choice, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers right? Anyway, My new boss Min is a really cool guy! His older brother was actually best friends with John Mayer throughout high school. There are some similarities and some differences with the new quiznos. It makes it a little difficult because I keep doing what I’m used to, but I’m assimilating myself. My new boss doesn’t really do breaks though (as weird as that might sound). We can take a five minute break to eat when we get hungry but thats it. Its not too bad because I like the job, but it can get difficult sometimes, especially saturday because I work and eleven and a half hour shift every saturday. You can imagine how much my lower back, knees, and feet feel after standing that long!

My bass, books, posters and pictures, and cd’s showed up today. Thank you again dad for sending them. I havn’t put any of them up yet, but i’ll post pictures when I do. I’m really enjoying Boston and the weather. Its perfect right now. but I”m sure that’ll change when October rolls around. Some international students here at Berklee have never seen snow! It’ll be funny when they finally see it!

I’m getting a lot better at playing the guitar. Even in just 3 weeks I’ve become a more diverse and virtuostic player (btw I really hope thats a word, if its not then I’m sure you’re laughing by now). I’m becoming known as a really good sight reader in all of my ensembles. At Berklee we only read staffs (treble and bass clef) for guitar and any other instrument. Once I figured out all of the notes on the fretboard, then it was easy to sight read it. I’m starting to change my improvisation to more chordal based and less scale/lined based. It sounds a lot more musical and jazzier that way. There’s so much to study at Berklee and not enough time to. I’m pretty swamped with practice and homework and work, but its what I love so its not that bad. You know what they say, “Do what you love and love what you do and you won’t work a day in your life!”

Yours in music, Josh

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Pictures of my Apartment, Boston, and other Stuff

So I couldn’t figure out how to make a gallery here in this blog. So I made a photobucket account for it instead. Here’s the link to see the pictures:


Immediately to the right of this post is a link under “blog roll” that says Berklee Blog Photo Album. This will bring you to my photobucket album at anytime.

btw, the picture of that house (its one of the first pics) is of George Washington’s house. He lived there all throughout the revolution. Its right next to my church building in Cambridge. Also, the random picture of that guy with the glasses is one of my roommates “Austen”

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