Spring’s Almost Here! (And So Is Midterms…)


Here's My Little Slice of Heaven

Here's My Little Slice of Heaven


So, i’ve been pretty busy since my last post. I’ll start with some of the more exciting highlights. I recently auditioned to work at Hersheypark over the summer as a guitarist in one of their performing groups. The audition went great and the production company seemed to like my playing and my entertainment factor. The funny part is that apparently they forgot to unlock the front door to the building. So, a lot of us were standing outside waiting for someone to come out so that we could get in. It took a while but we finally got in. I’ll find out the results pretty soon. Probably within a week. We’ll see how it goes. Something scary happened last week too. I was cutting something open and I was using a steak knife (i should’ve been using scissors but i didn’t have any). It cut open the plastic band, but it also kept going and cut my finger pretty deeply. So I proceeded to run to the convenience store for tape and gauze bandages, trying to keep my finger from bleeding on the floor on the way. To make a long story short, I’m fine (because it was a straight edge knife and a clean cut, so it healed fast). I was playing guitar three days after the accident. But I’ve definitely learned my lesson! Also most recently I joined a gym. I figure it’ll help me get in shape and help me keep a positive attitude. Me and a bunch of my friends work out together about 4-5 days a week. Its fun! The gym’s right next to Berklee so its pretty convenient. 

I also have been called to be the FHEGL for the Boston FHE group. btw FHEGL stands for (Family Home Evening Group Leader) I’m basically the “dad” of our FHE group. Its a pretty fun calling! School’s been keeping me really busy. I’m taking two more credits than I took last semester, plus all of my classes are more challenging. I’m usually swamped with homework or practice or midterm projects (ugh!). Hence why this update is so late. Midterms are in two weeks. Everyone’s pretty stressed. But hey, at least we’re stressed about something we enjoy, right? Work is still a pain. But I have to try and make as much money as possible, no one told me living was so expensive! I’m gonna make a lot more money soon though because spring break is coming up! And I’m spending it working at Quiznos, practicing/trying to get ahead, and jury duty (yeah over spring break, how lame!) On a more positive note, spring is almost here! Although next week we’re supposed to get a blizzard. Weird huh? Unfortunately the good weather so far has been attracting street folk. Meaning more bums and “non-profit” groups. Green Peace is really crazy. They’re everywhere and they don’t let up! I don’t even see how me giving them money helps the environment. I’d  have done nothing personally to help the environment. I’d just make it seem like I was. Its really just feeding off of liberal guilt. I much more prefer to clean up a trail or use less resources.

So, no updates on the braces situation yet. I have an appointment next week. Hopefully I’ll have a better idea of when they’ll actually be off. I’m going to do before and after pictures so it’ll be interesting. Hopefully I look pretty good. Outside of that, not much else has changed. I’m just trying to get through school and learn as much as possible while still keeping my sanity. I’ll update again soon! Yours in Music, Josh

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  1. Do you need me to mail you some scissors? 😉

    Good job working out. I can’t wait to hear about Hershey Park!

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